Teeth Whitening Options

We offer three types of teeth whitening products at Dr. Cederbaum’s office.


The first whitening product is laser bleaching.  The cost of this treatment is $675.00.  The appointment is for two hours.   At the end of that time, patient’s leave with noticeably whiter teeth.  They are given the home bleaching kit to take with them for touch ups when needed.


The second whitening product is a home bleaching kit.  The cost of this treatment is $400.00.  This bleaching consists of two 30 minute appointments. The first appointment involves impressions of the upper and lower teeth for bleach tray molds.  These molds are worn overnight or up to three hours a night for maximum results.  The kit contains eight bleach syringes.  Each syringe will last for three to four applications.  Bleaching is done until the desired results are achieved or when touch ups are needed.


The third bleaching option is a product called Sensational Bleaching.  This whitening product is for patients that have bleached already.  The patient has this done right after their cleaning appointment.  The cost is $100.00.  A whitening pen is given to the patient for touch-ups at home.  Typically, this type of bleaching is done every six months right after a dental cleaning.


If you have any questions about our teeth whitening options or to schedule an appointment, please call our Seattle office at 206-524-1314 or our Redmond office at 425-867-5119.