General DentistryIf you are looking for a dental home that can take care of your oral health, from basic prevention to advanced reconstructive procedures, look no further. Dr. Debra Cederbaum has been caring for patients in and around Seattle since 1985, and she offers a full range of general dentistry procedures to preserve and restore the health of your smile. She draws from a lifetime of education and experience to deliver expert dental care with a compassionate, gentle touch. Because of her expertise and approach, she has many patients who have been with her for decades and refer their friends and family as well.

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Preventive Dental Care

Prevention is worth a pound of cure, they say, and in dentistry that’s even more true. In dentistry, damage caused by poor prevention cannot be undone, and although we have wonderful restorative procedures, nothing rivals the benefits of your natural teeth. So it’s important to get your preventive dental care.

Regular exams and cleanings are the backbone of preventive dentistry. A thorough cleaning can help prevent oral infection from growing or spreading, especially gum disease. Regular exams also help us to identify minor tooth problems before they become major ones. Wouldn’t it be better to be told you need a filling and not a root canal? Or just that you need to spend extra time brushing a tooth than receive a filling? That’s what regular exams do.

We also offer sealants to help protect your teeth. These plastic coatings are especially good for protecting teeth with deep crevices where food can get stuck, making them hard to clean and prone to decay. They are good for adults and children.

Sometimes preventing damage means removing the source of damage. We offer wisdom tooth and other extractions for teeth that are threatening to cause crowding or damage to other teeth or are a source of infection.

Reconstructive Dental Care

It’s not always possible to prevent damage to your teeth and mouth, and in that case, restorative or reconstructive dental care can be used to reverse the damage. Damage to your teeth can be restored using many different procedures, including:

  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Root canal
  • Dental implant

The one that is best for you depends on the extent of damage to your tooth. For minor tooth damage, fillings remove damage and prevent it from worsening. Dental crowns can protect teeth that need structural support. A root canal is used when your tooth has become infected. A dental bridge or dental implant can be used to replace a lost tooth.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease treatment is one of the most important procedures in general dentistry. Gum disease can contribute to your risk of cardiovascular illness and can increase your overall healthcare costs. We offer gum disease treatment that includes deep cleaning, surgery, and the antibacterial Arestin, which can improve your results.

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