If you are looking for a dental home that can welcome your entire family, look no further. We are happy to open our doors to your entire family, whether you are looking for care for children, adults, or seniors.

And at our office, family dentistry doesn’t just mean we treat your family, it means we treat your family as our family.

Welcoming Families for 30 Years

Family dentistryDr. Debra Cederbaum has about 30 years’ experience as a family dentist in Seattle, and she is completely comfortable working with people of all ages. She has seen so many unusual situations that she is able to quickly assess a situation and deliver appropriate care so that you and your family get high-quality dental care without concern.

We have a friendly, welcoming office that makes people want to keep coming back. We have some patients we treated as children who now bring their own children to us—that’s the kind of strong relationship we build with our patients.

Gentle Touch Dentistry for Children

Pediatric dentistry has special demands for a dentist. These first dental visits will lay the foundation of their lifetime of dental care, so it’s important that they are positive ones. Dr. Cederbaum knows how to be friendly with children so that they feel comfortable. She can win their trust, and is prepared to deal with children as they grow through all the stages of childhood from the annoying questions stage through the teenage “I’m too cool for this,” stage.

We offer all essential pediatric dentistry procedures, including regular exams and cleaning, fillings, dental sealants, and even tooth extraction for baby teeth that don’t fall out or wisdom teeth when the time comes. And all performed with a compassionate approach that leads to a positive experience.

As with adults, kids benefit from the comfortable atmosphere of our practice, and they’re very happy about the availability of iPads and Netflix to help distract them.

Learn more about Pediatric Dentistry.

A Lifetime of Dental Care

As we age, our dental needs can change. Our risk for gum disease can increase, and with it the odds that we will lose one or more teeth. Other teeth may develop infections requiring a root canal, and then you may have to make decisions about whether to extract that tooth or preserve it. And then there is the desire for cosmetic dentistry to try to preserve our appearance to match our internal vigor.

Dr. Cederbaum has extensive experience dealing with the dental concerns that arise with age and knows how to address them to give you quality results.

To learn more about what makes our Seattle dental practice the ideal dental home for you, please contact us today.