Exams and CleaningsWhat if there were a way you could reduce your health care costs, not just for dental care, but also for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions? Would you do it? Well, that’s exactly what routine exams and cleanings do for you. By preventing the need for costly dental repairs and helping prevent gum disease, your routine cleanings can help reduce your overall medical costs.

To maximize your benefits, you should see a dentist twice a year for these routine treatments. If you are overdue for your routine dental visit, please call 206-524-1314 or contact us today to schedule an appointment at our dental office in Seattle.

Cleanings Help Protect Your Teeth and Gums

Daily brushing and flossing help to protect your teeth and gums from bacteria that move in to take advantage of the sugars you eat. These home care steps clean plaque from your teeth, which is a soft film that bacteria create to protect themselves from the harsh conditions in your mouth, especially saliva, which is toxic to them. But if you don’t remove plaque, it hardens into tartar—also called dental calculus—which you cannot remove at home.

Left alone this tartar provides shelter for more bacteria to grow and damage your teeth and gums. The rate at which tartar develops varies from person to person, but for most people removing it every six months is sufficient and necessary to prevent bacteria from utilizing these hard deposits to grow into your gums and teeth. Without professional cleanings, you may be more likely to suffer serious cavities and gum disease.

Exams Detect Problems Early

The other part of your routine dental visit is a thorough exam of your teeth. During this exam, we will look at your teeth for signs of potential problems.

We can look at the pattern of tartar buildup and early of decay to let you know whether you are adequately cleaning your teeth. Sometimes we can do this before damage occurs so that changes in your home care routine mean you won’t have to get a filling or other procedure.

Other times we can find decay early and restore it before it develops into something serious. A minor cavity can get a filling before your teeth needs a dental crown for support or a root canal to remove an infection.

And using less invasive treatments also helps to preserve your teeth long-term so that you are more likely to maintain a full set of teeth throughout your life.

For these reasons, routine exams and cleanings are probably the most important dental procedures you will have. If you are overdue for a visit to the dentist, please contact us today for an appointment at our Seattle dental office.